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The ideal place for a Brunch in Benidorm

We invite you to create your own Brunch in Benidorm!

At Gelateria Stromboli, we are excited to present a completely personalized brunch experience that allows you to design every bite to your liking. Drop by our place and explore a variety of sweet and savory options to create the perfect brunch that satisfies your morning cravings.

Customize Your Breakfast:

Imagine starting your day with toast that reflects your preferences. Do you prefer a classic combination of Philadelphia cheese, pesto, and serrano ham, or do you lean towards more exotic flavors like salmon, avocado, and sesame seeds? At Gelateria Stromboli, the choice is yours.

Explore innovative options such as toast with hummus, hard-boiled egg, olive oil, and sweet paprika. Or maybe you fancy something sweeter, like toast with Philadelphia cheese, honey, and nuts? Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to customizing your gastronomic experience.

Beyond Toast:

Customization is not limited to toast alone. You can also enjoy sweet or savory crepes, waffles, and other morning delights that you can combine according to your preferences. From classic ingredients to unusual combinations, your brunch will reflect your unique style and taste.

Prime Location: Next to Levante Beach

In addition to the freedom to create your own brunch, Gelateria Stromboli offers you the opportunity to enjoy your personalized creations in a unique setting: right next to the beautiful Levante Beach. Imagine savoring every bite with the sea breeze and the relaxing sound of waves in the background.

Come and Discover the Freedom of Flavors at Gelateria Stromboli

We are excited to share this unique culinary experience with you. Visit us and discover how you can create a tailor-made brunch that suits your tastes and desires. Gelateria Stromboli, where customization and delicious gastronomy come together to provide you with a unique experience in Benidorm.

We look forward to welcoming you soon so you can enjoy the freedom of flavors at Gelateria Stromboli!

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